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Neue Westfälische

(Translated from German)

Mayan Goldenfeld, as the great-aunt in uniform who once left for Russia to become a cosmonaut in the family mythology , surprises the audience with a vocal performances worth hearing."

30/1/2023 "Der Text Spielt die Hauptrolle" review of Herkunft at Thetaer Bielefeld by Marcus Ostermann

Neue Westfälische

(Translated from German)

"[Somewhere] Over the rainbow" [...] resounds as a melancholic song of hope, sung with devotion and heartfelt emotion by Mayan Goldenfeld, who jumped in for Cornelie Isenbürger who fell ill."

3/1/2023 "Philharmoniker spielen zum Jahresauskunft" review of Bielefelder Philharmoniker concert by Johannes Vetter

Wiesbadener Kurier

(Translated from German)


„...But not only the vocal skills are positively noteworthy: The joyful comedic skills are equally matched in Mayan Goldenfeld's delicious performance as Erice. “

30/1/2023 "Maifestspiele: Mit Kriegsreporterin durch die Barockoper" review of L'Ormindo at Maifestspiele Wiesbaden by Volker Milch


(Translated from German)

„...jumping in for the concert, Mayan Goldenfeld ensnared and bewitched the audience with a soulful timbre"

3/1/2023 "Trio Infernale trifft Nerv der Zeit" review of Bielefelder Philharmoniker concert by Uta Jostwerner

Mannheimer Morgen

(Translated from German)

„ The Abandoned queen of Carthage wasn't embodied by the young soprano simply as just a vocal beauty queen, but also as a drama queen“

7/5/2018 "Von Residenz zu Residenz" review of Schwetzingen Festspiele concert by HGF

Die Rheinpfalz

(Translated from Geraman)

Praiseworthy: Two soprano arias from Niccolò Jommeli's "Didone abbandonata" with strikingly impressive performance of Mayan Goldenfeld

7/5/1018 "Hofmusik zwischen den Zeiten" 
eview of Schwetzingen Festspiele concert

Enrico Galantini


(Translated from Italian)


...above all was the one who embodied the character of Vespina. The role was undoubtedly the most prominent, with a character who is a real Force of Nature with four disguises (practically four characters, a real tour-de-force performance) but she, Mayan Goldenfeld, was nearly perfect in every aspect, both vocally and theatrically, receiving eventually a well-deserved ovation.

​Liesolette Sauer-Kaulbach

(Translated from German)

„ It is awe-inspiring how Rachel Goldenfeld masters the technical demands of the entrance aria of the hapless queen's, with its alternations from slow, majestic passages to raging coloraturas, and presented technical perfection with deeply expressive and warm, almost mezzo-like timbre in Didone's final aria "Ah, che dissi, infelice!" “

For the full review in German click here

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